“Nemesis Games” Review

The background of the cover is mostly black with what looks like a city on the right side with rockets blasting off with flames. On the left side of the cover is a ship from a higher point of view flying downwards towards the city. The took title is near the bottom with the authors name at the vert bottom.Full Title: “Nemesis Games: The Expanse No. 5”
Written by James S.A. Corey
Published by Orbit Books, June 2015
532 pages
Completed May 23, 2024

A thousand worlds have opened, and the greatest land rush in human history has begun. As wave after wave of colonists leave, the power structures of the old solar system begin to buckle.

Ships are disappearing without a trace. Private armies are being secretly formed. The sole remaining protomolecule sample is stolen. Terrorist attacks previously considered impossible bring the inner planets to their knees. The sins of the past are returning to exact a terrible price.

And as a new human order is struggling to be born in blood and fire, James Holden and the crew of the Rocinante must struggle to survive and get back to the only home they have left.

I really enjoyed this book. There is a lot going on and it’s the first time there are sections from the point of view of the rest of the Rocinante crew. As a result we learn a lot about Alex, Amos and Naomi. In this book the crew has some down time while the ship is being repaired so the three of them end up going off to deal with stuff from their past. It makes for a lot of interesting things to learn. Each of them has a story to tell. James is left behind to deal with the initial problems that crop up. I don’t want to spoil to much of what happens with regards to the central plot that develops but lets just say by the end of this book the crew comes back together in time to deal with a changed solar system. The next book in the series will resolve most of that plot line.